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Active participation of people intrinsic for eradicating pandemic


Though the cause and nature of the disease is not similar but to realize the importance of active participation of people, we can revisit the memory of the plague of Surat Gujarat in 1994.  Once this deadly epidemic was controlled, people of the city played an important role and the city became one of the cleanest cities in the country.  The administration could not have achieved success if the people would not have realised the need to make the city clean.

The point is that people’s participation is essential to bring a long lasting change. In the case of COVID-19 awareness of people is very essential. In Rajasthan, the state government has decided to launch a mass movement –Jan andolan from Gandhi Jyanati to encourage people to wear masks and follow other health etiquettes so that the spread of Coronavirus can be contained.

This requires the active participation of the people. Everyone just needs to wear a mask and make others aware about the need of the mask and other health protocols.

People have a tendency of lowering down their guard and to blame the authorities. They do not realise that by following simple health protocols which should have become part of their lives , given that the pandemic has been present since last few months,  the chances of getting infected can be reduced enormously.

The police regularly releases the data about the people violating the provisions of the pandemic act because they were not wearing masks or spitting in public places etc, is it not the collective responsibility of the citizens? Why do we want ourselves to be ruled or governed by strict measures ? we all know the need of following masks. Let us spare a moment to think about our elderly people who are at the risk of getting infected just because the younger ones have not worn the mask and they being older have less immunity and therefore get ill.


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