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After collapsing in front of Ashok Gehlot, BJP now seeks refuge in Amit Shah


Rajasthan is literally becoming an opposition free state all due to the political skills of CM Ashok Gehlot.  The party which appeared in hibernation for most of the time in the last three years and showed some movement during elections is now on the verge of becoming irrelevant after receiving recent drubbing in the local body elections and thereafter in the assembly by polls.  The party which is also facing an intense rife between leaders over leadership issues is now seeking refuge in party bigwig and home minister Amit Shah.
Shah is due to arrive soon in the state and state BJP has started making preparations for his visit. It will be the first visit of a leader of such stature after the failure of operation kamal in the state last year. BJP hopes that his visit will raise the flagging morale of the party leaders who have repeatedly failed against the people’s leader Gehlot. Therefore upon the visit of Shah,  the people of the state may seek attacks on the state government to set the mood for his visit and also to impress the leaders of the party in Delhi. But the fact of the matter is that BJP has no agenda left other than raising the sentimental issues.   Its leaders never speak about the education policy, about opening of schools, universities or about providing universal health coverage to the people of the state. Their issues revolve around criticizing the Gehlot government just for the sake of it but in reality, they have lost the pulse of the state.

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