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Ashok Gehlot first CM in Raj who is working on a dedicated budget for farmers; shows his will to make ‘annadatas’ prosper


While a large section of people in the society have expressed their opinion terming the union budget to be a damp squib and appears to be all hat and no cattle when we talk about the farmers’ issues, the agrarian community is excited about the first farmers budget which is being made in Rajasthan.

Yes, for the first time in Rajasthan, a government has decided to bring a farmers budget which is probably the only state in North India’s hindi belt to take such a historic step.  Tamil Nadu presented its agriculture budget while CM Gehlot had announced to bring a farmers budget in his speech last year.  Therefore, now, the preparations are going on in full swing for that.

Don’t want to get into the details of the economics of it, but we must for sure compliment the Gehlot government for thinking this novel step for the betterment of farmers.  It will give full focus on the demands of farming community who will get a kind of tailor made financial plan for their betterment.  This is therefore a step towards right direction. None of the previous governments in Rajasthan thought so deep for the betterment of farmers.  The annadatas remained a centre for getting votes and are a good catch line for content markers but seldom anybody thought about brining a special budget dedicated for farmers.

CM Gehlot has taken this innovative step because he has the will to deliver  and farmers are confident of his success.

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