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CM Gehlot amplifies ‘dil ki baat’ of aam aadmi..demands inquiry in Ram temple construction irregularity case

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The issue of allegations of financial irregularities against the Ram temple trust in Ayodhya is across the media.  Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Monday lashed out at the trust and sought an inquiry by the union government into the issue.

“The people of Rajasthan made huge contributions towards construction of the Ram temple in good faith. But reports of fraud committed by the trust at the beginning of construction itself have shaken the faith of the common people. No one is able to believe how the price of the land went from 2 crore rupees to 18 crore rupees within minutes,” Gehlot said tweeting on Monday night.

He  also mentioned that the pink stone was being sent through illegal mining from Bansi Paharpur in Rajasthan for construction of the Ram mandir. We made the effort to get it legally sanctioned by the central government so that it is not sent illegally for this auspicious work. We are satisfied with this , Gehlot said in one of his tweets.

Gehlot actually expressed the feelings and sentiments of people of the state who made generous contributions for the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya who are now shocked over the news reports and the controversy about the alleged scam about the land price.

It is noteworthy that last year in August when the bhoomi poojan of the temple was conducted Gehlot had resonated the voice of millions of people by tweeting that May Lord Ram’s temple become a symbol of unity and brotherhood in our country and had added that Lord Ram holds a unique place in our culture & civilization. His life teaches us the importance of truth, justice, equality of all, compassion & brotherhood. We need to focus on establishing an egalitarian society based on the values espoused by Lord Ram.

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