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CM Gehlot calls for no politics on infant deaths in Kota Hospital


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has called for no politics on the incidents of death of infants in Kota’s J K Lone hospital. In a series of tweets, Gehlot mentioned that the government is sensitive towards the issue and politics should not be played on it. The central team is welcome to visit and offer their suggestions for improvement of medical facilities in the state , he tweeted.


He also reiterated the commitment of his government in reducing the infant mortality and said that health of mother and children were its priority.

Gehlot informed that in Rajasthan, ICU for children was set up in 2003 and in 2011 it was set up in Kota.  It’s notable that both these were set up during Gehlot’s previous tenures as Chief Minister.

The issue has been raked up by opposition parties after the unfortunate deaths of infants in Kota and since last few days, opposition delegations have been going to the hospital.

Most of the people however feel that attempts to politicize the issue are wrong and think that with so many political visits, the attention of doctors will get diverted and they should remain focused to do their job.


In last few days, delegations of leaders from state BJP and women BJP leaders from center had visited the hospital. However no one is realizing that instead of such political opportunism , they must assist the government in solving such delicate issue.


Gehlot is known to be sensitive Chief Minister and leaders across political lines agree to this.  Trying to attack the chief minister on this issue is not being liked by the people of the state who are getting benefits of various health and welfare schemes of the Gehlot government. His brainchild free medicine scheme and free diagnostic schemes have been acclaimed at national  and international level and have changed the face of health services. Many states have emulated these schemes.




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