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CM Gehlot decides to run Sharmik special buses to help migrant workers reach homes


Ashok Gehlot government’s decision to run Shramik Special buses for migrants heading home on foot through national highways has given relief to the migrants.

On Sunday, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot conducted a meeting and said that that it is very painful for the workers and their families to walk hundreds of kilometers to return home.

To relieve these workers of this pain , the state government has therefore decided to transport these workers by running special buses after taking due consent from the states.

The movement of migrant workers across the country ,walking on road has become a national issue. The pain and agony of these workers are enormous and they are facing a number of hardships.  There have also been some road accidents in which the migrant labourers who were travelling in vehicles have lost lives.

Realizing the pain, Gehlot government on Sunday, has decided to run special buses.

Earlier, Chief Minister Gehlot had launched the ‘No to on foot movement’ to make sure that each migrant labourer reaches home and is screened for COVID-19. The officials were given responsibility for this.

Meanwhile, many labourer special trains are also running  and migrant labourers from various parts of the country are coming back home to Rajasthan.


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