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CM Gehlot effectively building his legacy of Healthcare


While the BJP has tried every possible method to attack & oppose the Ashok Gehlot led Congress government of the state, Gehlot is quietly but very effectively building his healthcare legacy.  For the first time in the country, Rajasthan has become the first and only state in the country where people have been given Right to Health ( RTH) . Though the doctors are opposing this, the common people of the state have supported the act and have been praising the CM ‘s decision on this. In his third term as the CM of the state, Gehlot had made his intention clear of making Rajasthan a model state in Health & after 4 years he has achieved what he had been dreaming. Earlier, Earlier, he had introduced Chiranjeevi health insurance scheme which initially gave cashless treatment of upto Rs 10 lakhs. Now the limit has been raised to Rs 25 lakhs making it even more beneficial for the people. Moreover , OPD & IPD treatment in state run hospitals is fee of cost. During his previous tenure he had introduced a free medicine scheme which has been like a boon for patients. While Gehlot fought against BJP & his opponents in his tenure, he hasn’t lost focus on welfare schemes and of making Rajasthan number one state in healthcare across India.  

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