Home Business CM Gehlot has turned Rajasthan into a land of opportunities for MSMEs

CM Gehlot has turned Rajasthan into a land of opportunities for MSMEs


At a time when small businesses across country are under stress , startups are laying off their employees, Rajasthan’s focus on encouraging MSMEs is a welcome step for entrepreneurs.

With the stress on ease of doing business, Gehlot government launched the scheme of self certification of setting  of new MSMEs under which  new MSMEs will not require any approvals for the first three years. This means that an entrepreneur can start his business without getting into the hassles of going around government offices for seeking clearances and without any red tapism can give wings to his entrepreneurial dreams.  This is a big step because an entrepreneur is an expert in his own field but is not an expert on government matters and therefore a lot of time is consumed in getting clearances initially. By this time, his patience runs out and even before the start of the business, the shop shuts down.  But since 2019 when Gehlot government made this announcement, a lot has changed and there is a positive ambience which is encouraging MSMEs . Once the business starts, things start moving and 3 years pass by, the requisite permissions will have to be taken. But by then the entrepreneur has already settled in, teething troubles have vanished and now he can devote time to take approvals from relevant departments. Gehlot’s government’s policy is a boon for small entrepreneurs.

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