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CM Gehlot on a mission to provide justice to Sanjivani victims


The Sanjivani Credit Cooperative Society scam has become the latest bone of contention between CM Ashok Gehlot & union minister Gajendra Singh Shekahwat.

Gehlot has made some allegations against Shekhawat related to this scam after which the Union Minister who is also an MP from Jodhpur filed a defamation suit against three time CM Gehlot. Meanwhile CM Gehlot shared the videos of victims of this scam who have been narrating their agony . 

It is very much certain that this issue will rock the political environment of the state which goes to poll later this year. Currently there is a race among BJP leaders who are trying to score political points over each other to become the face of CM candidate.  Recently former CM Vasundhara Raje celebrated her birthday for days before the actual date and it was perceived as a show of strength by many. With the position of leader of opposition still vacant, BJP is seen as a divided house.  In such circumstances the current battle between CM & union minister is being watched keenly by both state and central leaders as the outcome will affect the preparation of the BJP in athe run-up to the elections.

Notably in the Sanjivani Credit Cooperative Society, thousands of investors allegedly lost Rs 900 crore. Rajasthan Police’s Special Operations Group has been investigating the case since August 2019.

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