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CM Gehlot remembers Mahatma Gandhi through Khadi.


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has called for the need of popularizing Khadi amongst the youth so that the dream of popularizing the fabric can be realized.

He was speaking at the inauguration of a two day international conference on globalization of Khadi which started in OTS in Jaipur from Thursday.


Gehlot speaking to the gathering said that Khadi was a symbol of self-respect and it is fabric which is away from any competition. Narrating his own experience, Gehlot said that realizing the importance of Khadi, he had started wearing Khadi since his younger days. Remembering the vision of Gandhi ji about Khadi, Gehlot mentioned that Gandhi ji had said that it’s not a fabric but a thought.

To inspire about use of Khadi, he also mentioned about noted industrialist L N Jhunjhunwala who wears Khadi fabric and said that a big industrialist like him wears this fabric during meetings.

Gehlot pointed out that that with wider usage of Khadi, the message of Mahatma Gandhi will also go forward. He said it will carry the message of Satya, Ahinsa, Aparigrah and simplicity which were needed today.


Speaking to the jam packed audience Gehlot said that one needs to understand the essence of Khadi ‘Khadi ke peeche kayi marm chipey huy hain” which needs to be understood.

He pointed out that the whole idea of the state government to extend the 150th birth anniversary celebrations by one year was to disseminate the message of Gandhi ji among the Gandhiwadi people and youngsters.

Earlier during the day Gehlot paid tributes to Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of his death anniversary at secretariat.


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