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CM Gehlot shows “concern” for Om Mathur.


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot with his sharp sense of humour which is usually not displayed, has reacted over appointment of new President in BJP.


Replying to the questions of media persons in Jaipur on Tuesday when asked about his reaction over appointment of J P Nadda as BJP President, Chief Minister Gehlot that it did not matter if Nadda is the President or somebody else and then added that we are concerned with Om Mathur who is from Rajasthan. He said “ haemin to matlab Mathur sey hai , jo hamare Rajasthan ke hain Om Mathur, jo khud prabhari rahe hain Gujarat ke, unka bhee haq banta tha, unko jis tarah bahar fenk diya gaya hai, yeh Rajasthan ke hain , isliey chinta hame ho saktee hai, warna to woh jaane unka kaam jane” Gehlot said.


Gehlot is usually seen serious during speaking with media but sometimes with his sharp sense of wit he gives political messages or takes aim at his opponents. Many leaders of opposition have witnessed his this style inside and outside assembly. Whether it is Leader of opposition Gulab Chand Kataria or senior BJP leader Rajendra Rathore, all have been on the other side of his subtle humour  and on Tuesday it was yet another day when Gehlot in his few words aimed at BJP.

He had actually gone to Albert Hall in the run up to the visit of former President of Congress Rahul Gandhi and had saw the place as a possible venue for the rally of Gandhi.


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