Home International Health COVID-19: As people turn negligient, Govt intensifies efforts to caution them

COVID-19: As people turn negligient, Govt intensifies efforts to caution them


In the wake of rise in the cases of COVID-19 across the country, the state government has further intensified its efforts to make the people realize that the threat of the virus is still there. Precautions that need to be taken by the people and other steps are being informed to the people by making use of loudspeakers.

After the relaxations were given during the lockdown phase, literally the normal activities resumed. While this was necessary to kick start the economy, it has also made the people complacent and negligent. Marriage ceremonies were conducted without precautions while social distancing has also gone for a toss. Many people can be sitting in a cheek by jowl manner while many have also stopped wearing face masks.

Therefore the government has started this drive where people are being cautioned that the threat of virus is not over yet.

However, Rajasthan is in a better position with regards to containment of Corona. The recovery rate is high and more and more people are returning home as winners from the battle of corona. Senior citizens too who were infected with the virus are defeating it and are getting back to their routine normal life.

The mortality rate is less than 1 % which gives some satisfaction that most of the lives infected with the virus are getting saved. With the use of plasma therapy, more and more patients are recovering and the effort is now being done to encourage people who have turned negative to donate plasma so that other lives can be saved.


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