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Delivery of speedy justice becoming a new normal in Rajasthan, thanks to policies of CM Gehlot

CM Ashok Gehlot (File Image)

Speedy delivery of justice is now becoming a new normal in Rajasthan. On Tuesday, a court convicted an accused of raping a minor in Jaipur Chaksu’s Kotkhawada.  The sentence of 20 years was pronounced by the judge in merely 9 days after the heinous crime was committed.

This was possible largely due to efficient police investigation and the policy of filing of FIR compulsorily.  After the accused was arrested, within 7 hours a charge sheet was filed and in 5 working days the justice was delivered.

It could have happened previously too , But After CM Gehlot introduced the compulsory FIR policy, a confidence has been instilled in the hearts of weaker sections which till then never got a chance.  Now if the offense is committed, an FIR is filed and naturally investigation takes place. Since investigation takes place speedily, the trial is done on time and the judgement is pronounced rapidly.

This is the positive change which has come with the innovation of Gehlot in the policing system of the state.  The females or any other aggrieved is not shooed away and a proper system has been put up so that complaints are registered.

Crimes happen everywhere and in every state. If you read the vernacular newspapers of states like Uttar Pradesh or Madhya Pradesh you will find that crimes against women and other crimes are printed in bold letters. But the policy of compulsory FIR in Rajasthan is bringing change. The news of speedy justice is also now making headlines. 

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