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Ek Ashok Gehlot sab par bhari


After AIMIM chief Owaisi, now Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has landed in Rajasthan which goes to poll later this year.  The entry of these two players who are often called vote – cutter has only strengthened the belief in political circles of the state about the invincibility of CM Ashok Gehlot  the tallest leader of Rajasthan congress.   Few days back AIMIM chief Owaisi was in the state touring places like Tonk, later he made a visit to Jodhpur.  Now, Kejriwal is in Jaipur.  Anybody can understand that their tours and visits would increase as the state nears the polling months & also that they are likely to split the votes of the INC.  BJP has been an ineffective opposition since last four years  & has not been able to defeat INC and there is no anti-incumbency against the Gehlot government therefore these political players are touring the state to test the depth of political water of the state. If these parties decide to contest the elections on many seats there will be a three party fight. Which means Anti BJP votes will get divided. AAP did a similar thing in Gujarat and divided the votes of Congress in the state. So basically, political commentators opine that it shows that in the coming days, we may see a multipolar contest in the state. 

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