Home Angle For this ‘Ashok’ ,Constitution is the only ‘Dharma’.

For this ‘Ashok’ ,Constitution is the only ‘Dharma’.


Ashok Gehlot government has decided to start the recitation of Preamble of the Constitution of the country in schools from January 26.

Gehlot government has taken yet another step to uphold and make the children aware about the constitution in the wake of the current situation in the country.


It should be recalled that in June last year, Chief Minister Gehlot while speaking in ‘Yuva Chintan Shivir’ in Bhilwara had first spoken about importance of the Preamble of Constitution for students and had stressed on printing of Preamble at the beginning of school text books so that the feeling of responsibility towards the Constitution could be developed in students.


Inspired by his views and the prevailing circumstances his government has now decided to start recitation of Preamble from Republic Day.

In December Gehlot had also been to Delhi at Rajghat and had read the Preamble of Constitution during the ‘Satyagrah’ organized by Congress party.

Gehlot since past some time has been saying about upholding the spirit of constitution and about strengthening democracy in the ongoing political situation in the country.

He had led a peace march recently to protest against the CAA in Jaipur . These instances should not be seen in isolation and when put together, reflect about the ideology of Gehlot who has criticized the agenda of BJP. With the Chief Minister himself reciting Preamble and then later leading a peace march, its natural for his ministers to follow this spirit. Perhaps that is the reason why reciting of Preamble of the Constitution is being started in the state.


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