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Freedom from addiction – CM Gehlot orders a comprehensive de-addiction campaign from Independence Day


State government will be starting a comprehensive de-addiction campaign from August 15. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has given directions to carry out this campaign in an effective manner.  The focus is on the youth who are considered vulnerable to substance abuse and a growing tendency is many times observed among them to use illicit drugs.

Gehlot government has been taking steps to discourage youth and other sections of the society from addiction.

A year back, in 2019, a day before the World No Tobacco Day , Gehlot had banned e-cigarettes in the state. These e-cigarettes are considered to be kool among the youth but are extremely hazardous and youth get lured to them.  After the ban the e-cigarettes are not seen now in the state and parents are getting relieved after this. 

e-cigarettes banned in Rajasthan

More recently on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti last year, the state government had banned all pan masala and flavoured tobacco products. These addictive products were very popular among the school children and after the school got over, they could be seen in a hurry to buy flavored tobacco products. The ban has prevented the tendency to a large extent and slowly the addiction is reducing. However from here, the responsibility of the family should come into picture. Once the product has been banned and the government is taking steps to create awareness, the families should take initiative and motivate their children to shun bad habits. Mainly parents can bring about the change in their children.

Nirogi Rajasthan stresses on healthy living

One of the main aspects of Nirogi Rajasthan campaign launched by CM Gehlot in December last year was also on increasing awareness about the harmful impact of smoking, addiction of drugs and alcohol.  With the flood of information and the awareness campaign , people should also get proactive and should counsel the youth to adopt a healthy lifestyle instead of addiction which will only bring diseases, guilt and shame for the


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