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Gehlot is the jaadugar Congress needs to counter BJP’s tricks


Speculations about the next political step of Sachin Pilot are doing the rounds in political circles of Rajasthan as well as in Delhi.  Senior journalists and political observers are waiting for any response from AICC & CM Ashok Gehlot after Pilot went with all guns blazing on Tuesday. Social media is abuzz with the posters of his planned  pad yatra while there are gossips going around about a political consultant managing the entire show.  There is a talk that Pilot may launch a new front  but Rajasthan has always rejected a third front in the last several years and therefore there are very less chances that any such front may be successful. So what are the options before Pilot as it appears that after the failed Channi experiment of Punjab High Command the congress party may not go in for any such adventure.

Meanwhile, Gehlot is focusing on delivery of good governance and is busy with Mehangai Rahat Camps.  For the first time in the country, after the incessant rise in prices, any state is giving gas cylinders at Rs 500. Congress has adopted the Gehlot model of implementing OPS and other innovative policies and therefore it is pretty clear that the Gehlot model is an appropriate tool in the hands of Congress to counter the BJP model.

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