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Gehlot’s policy of giving Gas cylinder @Rs 500 will spoil the party of BJP


Ahead of a crucial meeting of Congress party in Delhi on May 26, the question being asked in the political circles is that will Sachin Pilot float a new party or will he stay in Congress party.  The speculations are being made because in last few days Pilot & his supporters which includes minister Hemaram & Rajendra Gudha have attacked the congress government in the state. Pilot had a month back observed a day long fast in support of his various demands including action on alleged corruption during the BJP rule and had later started a pad yatra from Ajmer to Jaipur. At the culmination of this yatra a big public meeting was convened in which leaders had attacked the state government and Pilot had himself given a 15 day ultimatum to the government. This deadline is expected to end soon .Amidst such background an important meeting has been called in which CM Gehlot PCC Chief Dotasra, Pilot and other leaders are expected to be present . The way Congress will move forward will depend on the outcome of this meeting, claim political pundits.  Meanwhile CM Gehlot is going full throttle in delivering good governance. The price relief camps have been an instant hit and people are happy getting benefits of various govt schemes including gas cylinder at Rs 500. This single issue of price rise control has the power to spoil the party of the BJP.

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