Home Angle Jaipur to once again become voice of Congress on January 28.

Jaipur to once again become voice of Congress on January 28.


After Peace March which was led by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in Jaipur in the month of December, Rajasthan is once again getting ready to become the voice against the union government.

This time former President of Congress party Rahul Gandhi will be coming to Jaipur on January 28  to lead a rally against economic slowdown and other issues.

Various media reports reveal that Gandhi will be holding a rally in Jaipur and will not only speak against CAA but will also highlight economic slowdown which is the most burning issue in the country.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is already a leading voice against the economic policies of BJP government in the center and has been speaking about it on various forums including social media.

The rally is being held just a few days before the presentation of union budget will a voice of youth who are facing unemployment and Rajasthan under the rule of Gehlot will be the perfect place to make the Delhi hear.

When the youth of whole country was against CAA and was holding protests, Gehlot showed the way of peaceful protest and led a peace march against CAA.  At that time Rajasthan under Gehlot gave the message of non- violent protest against CAA across the country.  Madhya Pradesh too followed Rajasthan take cue from this peace march of Gehlot.

Now once again Rajasthan will give voice to the concerns of youth who are struggling with unemployment and against the slowdown.


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