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Jasol Visit – Mai thansu door nahi is not a slogan but reality


Human tragedies are sad but also highlight the various facets of personalities. The Jasol pandaal tragedy showed a very sensitive side of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot during his visit to the Jasol Barmer on Monday morning.

“Mai Thansu door nahin” is not just a slogan for Gehlot but he actually means it and therefore he left Jaipur early morning and went to Jasol along with ministerial colleagues and went to the homes of the affected people and met their grievening families. He seemed to be saddened over the incident and the people who were present there could feel this sesitivity in the Chief Minister. Thus brining the very essense of “Mai Thansu Door Nahin” into deeds and actions in reality. He is a chief minister who is with the people when they need him.

Gehlot later visited the hospital also and enquired about the health of the injured people. A day earlier when the reports of incidents came,  Gehlot immediately discussed the matter in a high level meeting and also announced a compensation of Rs 5 lakh each to the families of the deceased people.

From Balotra Jasol, Gehlot also went to Jodhpur and met the victims who were admitted in MDM hospital.

He has also ordered inquiry in this incident by divisional commissioner. In past too on many other occasions, Gehlot is one of the first to visit the hospital whether he is in power or in opposition and offers solace to the people.

With such a sensitive chief minister working hard to ensure people get treatment , the administration was also on its toes. Gehlot could have monitored the situation sititng in Jaipur himself and by deputing some offcial or a minister for this job , but He took too upon himself to see the condition and meet the patients and the realtvies of deceased people . This incident gives a clear picture that Gehlot cares for his people and is sensitive for them.


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