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Mahatma Gandhi English Medium Schools – one more feather in the cap of CM Gehlot


When the BJP is hurling barbs at CM Ashok Gehlot, he has quietly but significantly strengthened the health infrastructure in the state to combat any probability of a third wave of Covid.  He recently laid the foundation of works of Rs 94 crore  related to augmentation of beds across 11 districts in the state. While the state becoming a model state in terms of the health sector has been now known to all, there is also a major change taking place in the education sector. The Mahatma Gandhi English Medium Schools started by the Gehlot government are becoming one of the most sought after schools in the state.  These schools are imparting quality education in English medium and are now being preferred over private schools which charge hefty fees. But since the private schools charge a hefty amount as fees many parents of the economically weaker background found themselves struggling. However these English schools of the state government have been accepted instantly by the common people of the state.  It should not come as a surprise that influenced by the quality of education of these schools, many wards of senior government officials are also studying in them.

Actually there is a world beyond the virtual world of social media and that is the real world. BJP leaders right from top to the bottom everyday make allegations against the state government in the most vociferous way but they are hardly getting noticed on the ground because they lack credibility and substance. Gehlot’s focus on  health, education and making a just society which is financially secure is winning hearts of people  and causing heartburn among his detractors. 

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