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Now free college education for Covid orphans in Raj


The decision of CM Ashok Gehlot to offer  free college education to the students who were orphaned due to Covid is being hailed by the student community. This is being offered under Mukhyamantri Corona sahayta yojna under which school education is free for such students.

Here we have a Chief Minister who is so particular about education that he is considering all the aspects and is sensitive about the problems which the students might be facing after their parents perished in the Covid pandemic.

These students will be able to study free of cost in government run colleges and stay in the hostels too.

For a family which not only lost parents but also the earning member of the family, this is a great decision. It is only by education that destiny can be changed and if higher education comes without a price tag that should be welcomed. 

At a time when all kinds of fake information and watsapp university as we say jokingly is disseminating false knowledge, Gehlot’s focus on education whether it is school education or college education is actually praise worthy.

Infact in last two and half years, more than 100 colleges have been opened by Gehlot government which itself makes it crystal clear about the focus and priority of Gehlot.

During his previous stints too, he focussed on making Rajasthan a centre of higher learning and therefore many engineering colleges, management colleges were opened

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