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Only a leader like CM Gehlot can take Rajasthan in league of developed states and not some leader with divisive agenda


Amidst the atmosphere of assembly elections in some states the sensitive issues revolving around religion and caste are becoming center stage in election related debates.  However, Rajasthan where Gehlot government has completed its 3 years and is riding on the wave of popularity in its third year is aloof from such vitiating atmosphere. Here the agenda of governance is about giving equal opportunities to all the sections of the society.  CM Gehlot has given priority to create job opportunities for youth, expanding and strengthening health infrastructure, and giving benefit of social security schemes to weaker sections.  For a person in Rajasthan it is really pleasant in Rajasthan. State is giving employment opportunities, has become a preferred state for investments, schemes like Chiranjeevi health insurance is giving a sense of relief to people with frugal means in case of medical needs. Probably it is because of this reason that BJP is upset and is not able to create an anti incumbency environment in the state.  Rajasthan is one of the model states of the country.  A land of universities and colleges Rajasthan has developed as a hub of education thanks to the various stints of Gehlot as CM who had the vision to set up various colleges and universities.

People realize that divisive agenda will never help them. They feel that an affable, sensitive leader like Gehlot who never speaks about caste or religion and focuses on real issues can take the state ahead. 

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