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Rajasthan continues to deal successfully with COVID Crisis.


Rajasthan model is becoming a success model against COVID-19 across the country. While the state has taken significant steps to flatten the curve, equal emphasis has been on providing relief to the migrants in the state.  This model is basically about increasing the testing capacity and is also having a humane approach towards vulnerable sections. Considering the geographic profile of the state and extreme weather condition in districts near the border and inflow of migrants in the state, the way state is fighting covid is quite unique in itself.

State has already achieved the capacity of conducting about 12 thousand tests per day and aims of conducting 25 thousand tests per day by end of May.

Experts earlier pointed out that the basic objective of lockdown I the country was to increase its testing capacity during this lockdown and to treat this period as a pause button. Rajasthan ‘s Ashok Gehlot government has made full use of this time and has increased its capacity.  This capacity will be further boosted with ultra modern Cobas-8800 machines which will test covid samples in Jaipur and Jodhpur.

The ruthless containment implemented in Bhilwara  and thereafter in other districts of the state has already been hailed not only in the country but also abroad.

Since the attention has been towards covid patients, to ensure that non covid patients do not get ignored, OPD mobile vans have been started in the states to take care of routine ailments of the people.

The second aspect of Rajasthan model is the sensitivity and humane approach to deal with the crisis. In a first , state has decided to run special buses to bring migrant labourers. While many are returning by trains, these buses will be operated to facilitate maximum possible migrants.  Ensuring food, boarding lodging , quarantine facilities are all the challenges which the state government is facing with success with the support of local people and philanthropists.


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