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Rajasthan relentlessly working to ensure nobody goes hungry

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To ensure that everyone gets food during the COVID-19 crisis , Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had resolved that nobody goes hungry ( Koi bhukha nahi soye), he has now approved an additional allocation of Rs 132.43 crore for free distribution of wheat to all the beneficiaries under the National Food Security Scheme (NFSS).

The amount will be used for procuring wheat from the Food Corporation of India for distribution among beneficiaries under the Food Security Scheme from July 2020 to November 2020.

When the lockdown was imposed in the wake of Corona, CM had taken a number of measures to provide dry ration, food etc so that the daily wage earners, destitute and needy people don’t suffer because of loss of earnings.  Arrangements were done to provide wheat to the needy people. Care of migrants returning home was also taken and they were too not hungry.

Pension was given to the pensioners while cash transfer thrice making it a total of Rs 3500 was also done for needy people.

The point is that state government has almost offered its coffers for giving relief to the people during this health crisis.  While the people of Rajasthan are resilient by nature and bravely fight with the “ acts of God”  this health crisis has been such that the state has spent a lot of money on health and in giving cash and kind benefits to the people are large.  While many people do not feel this and are looking for ways to spread negativity, we must realise that probably state is probably working with great caution in terms of finances. There have been reports that some states have raised SOS calls, Rajasthan is managing its responsibilities with financial prudence.

Even with limited financial resources post GST era, during the COVID time, Rajasthan’s priority is still the health and social sector.


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