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Rajasthan taking innovative steps to solve the problems related to COVID-19.


Rajasthan has not only devised successful strategies to control the spread of Coronavirus, but has also adopted innovative approaches to solve the issues which have cropped up as a side effect of this pandemic. Be it movement of migrant labourers, practical problem of treatment of non covid patients, or even sentimental issue of not being able to immerse ashes of loved ones. And last but not the least, on how to bridge the gap between labourers and industries after the lockdown was eased.

Rajasthan devised solutions to all such problems with out of the box thinking. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot initiated the ‘Moksh Kalash Special Bus Service’ for people who lost their relatives during the lockdown period. These people made use of the special bus service free of cost to go for immersion of ashes.

Similarly another bus service to ferry the migrant labourers was started known as Shramik Special Bus Service, which transported thousands of migrant labourers from Rajasthan to their home states. This too was free of cost and arrangements of food and water were also made.

Amidst the corona crisis, the normal or routine diseases too occur but patients hesitate to go to the hospitals, realizing this and to ensure health services reach every nook and corner, hundreds of mobile OPD vans were roped into the state which provided medical advice and treatment to non covid patients near their door step. Perhaps Rajasthan is the first state to have started such service for its people.

Another initiative was launched a few days back in the form of centralised manpower repository ”Raj Kaushal”, which is the first of its kind portal in the country to connect migrant workers with job opportunities in their home state.

 These approaches and initiatives are helping the state to fight COVID  successfully.

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