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Rajasthan wants to know from Amit Shah- will not topple or failed to topple state government ?

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More relevant is the question that can the BJP topple the state government instead of what Home Minister Amit Shah boasted on Sunday evening that BJP wont topple the state government.  This question is being asked in the relevant circles especially because Shah is often hailed as ‘ Chanakya’ of the BJP and party’s supporters have often claimed attempts of BJP in attempting to topple various other governments as party’ Master Stroke’.

 Political observers opine that actually it was political acumen of CM Ashok Gehlot who successfully foiled the operation kamal on the lines of Madhya Pradesh and emerged as a better political strategist than the whole BJP put together when 19 MLA led by Sachin Pilot raised the flag of rebellion.

Infact  the only way the divided house of the BJP can be kept together is by attacking CM Gehlot. It is a common knowledge that the game of one-upmanship is going on for long in Rajasthan BJP. Leaders sing different tunes. While former CM Raje is trying to become relevant in Rajasthan again by organising political tours in the guise of ‘ dharmik yatras’ , other leaders are trying to create space for themselves. Shah who is considered an  able organisation man must have felt the tremors in the state unit during his Jaipur visit.  Therefore, the party which many times dare political opponents for not declaring CM candidate has chosen to say that it will fight the next elections on the face of the PM because there is a cold war going on between its leaders in the state.  With elections 2 years away, Shah ‘s visit was an attempt to put the party’s house in order.

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