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Right to Health cements Rajasthan’s stature as model state of health


Despite protests by medicos, Rajasthan has become the first state in India to make health a right of the people. Thanks to CM Ashok Gehlot this feat has been achieved.  The Assembly on Tuesday passed the Rajasthan Right to Health Bill, 2022, which gives every resident the right to free emergency treatment at public or designated private hospitals.

Actually the Bill, which was tabled in the house on September 22 last year and was later referred to a Select Committee after difference of opinion, was passed by voice vote in the House. The Bill gives every resident of the State the right to emergency treatment care “without prepayment of requisite fee or charges” by any public health institution, health care establishment and designated health care centres.

While the doctors are on a warpath opposing the bill, people are happy that Gehlot has given one more right to them and Rajasthan is rightly called a model state in health sector.  Rajastan is probably the only state to give health insurance of upto Rs 25 lakh.

Moreover OPD and IPD treatment is also free for all the people of the state in government run hospitals.  After the right to health Rajasthan is now the only state so far to give such a right to its people.

These schemes , this vision is the strength of Gehlot & Congress party and even the BJP is not able to oppose such noble steps taken by Gehlot.

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