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State government to make use of ‘Gandhigiri’ to ensure people follow COVID health protocols.

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State government will now use ‘Gandhigiri’ to exhort people to use masks at public places and follow other health protocols to control the covid cases in the state.

During a review meeting held on Sunday, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot decided that an awareness campaign needs to be initiated so that people who are encouraged to make use of masks and follow covid norms.
NCC, NSS, Scouts and Guides etc will also be roped in during this awareness campaign.

Gehlot has now called for having mohalla wise committees too to encourage people to follow the health protocols.

This has become necessary because it is being widely observed that people have stopped following the norms and there has been a rise in cases across the country. Rajasthan had earlier taken the lead and had launched a massive awareness campaign aimed at increasing awareness about the health protocols related to COVID-19.  But with the unlock activities, people turned negligent, stopped wearing masks and paid no attention to maintain social distancing.   The figures of fines and penalties collected from the people not following the guidelines which appear in the media make it clear that people have become lax in their attitude and have lowered the guard.  

While a lot of focus is there on treating the patients infected with the virus, all this effort can be avoided if precautions are taken following the stitch in time save in time proverb. 


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