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State government will encourage Indian system of Medicine- CM Ashok Gehlot.


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has said that Ayurved , Unani, Homeopathy and other Indian system of medicine have an important role in realizing the mission of Nirogi Rajasthan. He has said that state government will make all efforts to encourage them. He also complimented the efforts of doctors and nursing staff associated with these systems of medicine during COVID-19 pandemic.

Gehlot was interacting with the medical professionals associated with these system of medicine and mentioned that these system of medicines have made good contribution in preventing Corona.

He mentioned that good results have been seen from the efforts made by Ayurved department to increase the immunity power using ‘Kadha’ and other medicines. Gehlot said that all other system of medicines have made contribution in their own way to strengthen the immune system.

Gehlot pointed out that the relevance of these systems of medicine has increased in modern day life style and their trust has grown among common people. He said that research should be encouraged in these systems and should be made more useful. He also stressed on yoga and naturopathy for making people –Nirogi (disease free).

Speaking on the occasion, medical and health minister Dr Raghu Sharma said that state government was making efforts so that these forms of medicines are able to give more benefit to people.  He said that Chief Minister had announced opening of 2 Homeopathic colleges during the budget and said that action will be taken soon towards this direction.

During the interaction, officials informed that more than 6 thousand Ayush doctors and nursing staff were giving their services during COVID-19 and that ‘kadha’ and other medicines for increasing the immunity have been distributed to about 21 lakh people in the state.


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