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Turning yellow ? Is Pilot Humming & hawing about his next move ?


The clear and visible absence of Congress election symbol – Hand from the banners and other promotional material of the  Sachin Pilot’s Jan Sangharsh Yatra which will end today is giving an indication that there is some humming & hawing going in the mind of Pilot about his next political move.

Speculations are rife that he may be trying to find a way which would compel the High Command of the Grand Old Party to purge him or may float a regional outfit. But these are just the speculations and nothing concrete is known as of now about his plans. Congress top brass is in celebration mood as the party has got an overwhelming majority in Karnataka and will now solve the leadership issue in the south Indian state. After that it is said  a decision related to Rajasthan may be taken.

Meanwhile CM Gehlot, unfazed by Pilot assault, is working on the Congress agenda of providing relief to the people. It is noteworthy that He had made an announcement for the benefit of gig workers in Rajasthan in the budget and Congress agenda took the leaf from his book to include this point in their agenda in Karnataka.

His agenda, policies & social security schemes are being discussed across the nation and are a brahmastra for Congress as it now prepares for the assembly elections in Rajasthan MP & Chhattisgarh.  

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