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Under CM Gehlot Rajasthan prepared to restrict COVID-19 second wave


Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot has been successful in making the people aware about the precautions that need to be taken to prevent spread of COVID-19.

In last 24 hours, Gehlot has conducted two marathon meetings both of which are on public domain on social media and one of these is still continuing since about 3 hours now even as we right this news.  

Today’s meeting is with various numerous stakeholders, religious leaders, opposition party leaders, businessmen traders, medical experts etc and sought their feedback on the dangers related to COVID.

The essence and crux of the Tuesday evenings’ video conference and today’s interactions have gone deep into the heart of the people who have realised the growing danger of second wave of corona infection.  The experts pointed out that people are not getting wary about the danger of this covid infection.

Any aware person who has seen the CMs VCs can himself understand the gravity of the current situation prevailing in the country as a whole.

People who participated in the VC today on Wednesday lauded the efforts of CM Gehlot towards containment measures adopted so far and the intense work done in making people about following covid appropriate behaviour. Even the opposition leaders expressed their support to the CM.

Meanwhile Gehlot too sought everybody’s’ opinion and feedback and asked for their opinion. He did not for one interrupted the person speaking even if the speaker veered off from the issue in hand and gave patient listening to everyone.


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