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Voice of Rajasthan: in Gehlot we trust


Trust is the biggest asset, capital of any person and especially for a politician for whom goodwill and trust are necessary. Ashok Gehlot is one such politician in the country who enjoys goodwill among people in copious amounts. He has the trust not only of the people of the state but also of the top industrialists of the country. This is evident because of the ground implementation of several key MOUs and LOIs even before the start of Invest Rajasthan summit. CM while speaking at the inauguration referred to the shifting of a big industrial project from Maharashtra to Gujarat and offered that Rajasthan is ready for that project in the event of ongoing tug of war between the two states. So such is the readiness and competitive advantage that Rajasthan is now offering to investors because of the vision of CM Gehlot who has left no stone unturned.

The industrialists believe in Gehlot and feel confident about his approach. That’s what matters the most. Trust is what matters whether you run a household, a shop, any business or govern a state and people trust Gehlot, his governance and his style of delivery of social security schemes. Infact,Gehlot is a good mix of a person who on one hand opens coffers for social security schemes and on the other hand, gets investment proposals from all big business houses of the country. Rajasthan needs a leader like him. 

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