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Year 2019 – A year highlighting relevance of Ashok Gehlot on national scene.


Will this year be remembered as the year of emergence of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on the front of national politics ?  This is the question many political pundits are discussing as the year comes to an end.


While this might not be true but the fact is that every time the union government makes a controversial political decision or economy takes a further plunge, It is Gehlot who has voiced his opinion against union government.

After winning the mandate of people in December 2018, Gehlot formed a stable government in state and started making welfare policies for farmers and weaker sections of the society giving fresh impetus to his social welfare schemes.  He enacted laws against mob lynching and against honour killing.

By the end of the year , on the first anniversary of the government, he launched ‘Nirogi Rajasthan’ campaign for healthy Rajasthan. However amidst all this, Gehlot’s plain speak on CAA, NRC, Poor state of economy pulled the ruling establishment in questions and sought answers from them.  He has been the most vocal voice against the ones who are trying to question the legacy of Congress party and has repeatedly shown displeasure about this.

When the country was witnessing violence after CAA enactment, It was under his leadership that Rajasthan gave message of peace to whole nation by conducting peace march.

During the year,every time there were attempts to pull him down, he emerged stronger and more popular in Rajasthan than any other past or contemporary leader in the state. However the way Prime Minister and Home Minister refer to his name while making speeches reflects the weight of his name in national politics feel the political pundits. Now with home Minister planning to come to Jodhpur which is the hometown of Gehlot to address a public gathering said to be about CAA, it is being seen as an attempt to challenge Gehlot .


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