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CM Gehlot has revolutionised school education in Rajasthan

CM Ashok Gehlot

 A silent revolution is taking place in Rajasthan in the field of education. Till now only the people from decent income groups could get their wards taught in English medium schools and the frugal ones had no option as these schools charge exorbitant amounts as fees. But with Mahatma Gandhi English Medium Schools started by CM Gehlot , the whole scenario has changed.  Now the people who could not afford to get their kids studied are making a beeline to the English medium schools started by the Gehlot government. The empowerment in true sense can be done only through education and Gehlot therefore started these schools. The move has been applauded by people across the state and such is the popularity of these schools that a lottery is taken out for admission in these schools.  Going a step ahead, pre-schools are also being started which is an innovative step and is aimed at the inclusion of such people who could not send their kids to ubiquitous but  costly pre-schools.

Actually if you look at Gehlot’s political ideology and his previous tenures, his policies have been aimed at giving benefit to masses. Be it free medicine scheme, free test scheme,  social security schemes or any other scheme, these have benefited the people which are at the margins. 

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