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CM Gehlot to provide cushion of social security to unorganized sector


The unorganized sector is considered to be an important part of the economy and has been one of the worst affected sectors due to the Corona pandemic.

In Rajasthan, the Ashok Gehlot government has been sensitive towards the needs of this sector and moreover during the pandemic, the focus has been on making policies which aim to reduce the difficulties of this sector.

Therefore, a big decision has been taken by CM Gehlot who has given directions regarding the formation of State Social Security Board for Unorganised Workers’. Gehlot has given a deep thought about the problems of this sector and has therefore taken this big decision.

The basic objective is to ensure their social security. The Primary task of this board will be to form the outline of the social security schemes for these labourers.

Gehlot has been the architect of several social security schemes and pension schemes for senior citizens, single women etc have received appreciation and have brought changes in the life of the people across the state.

It is now expected that a master craftsman like Gehlot will ensure that each and every person of unorganized sector gets social security.  Gehlot also directed the officials to launch campaign throughout the State for the registration of disadvantage eligible construction labourers/workers through Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board, so that every eligible labourer could get the benefit of the social security schemes operated through the board. 

He directed the Labour Department officers to go to construction sites and the places where labourers gather to get jobs and motivate the disadvantaged labourers to register themselves. There are not any leaders or professionals who give a thought about unorganized sector even though they are the most important part of any industry. However Gehlot has taken the initiative to provide social security to this sector.


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