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Gehlot’s remarkable schemes will help him to return to power in 2023 elections


Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot has once again outperformed himself. He launched  Mukhyamantri Nishulk Annapurna Food Packet Yojana  on the Independence Day Tuesday and has given one more reason to people to vote for the Congress party under his leadership. The BJP has so far maintained a stoic silence on this scheme which is expected to benefit crores of people in the state.

Under this scheme, more than 1.04 crore families in the state will be distributed free Annapurna Food packets every month.

Without waiting for the elections, CM Gehlot started giving relief from inflation for the last many months and has made Rajasthan the only state in the country were cooking gas cylinders at Rs 500 is being given, a law ensuring minimum income guarantee has been passed, electricity bills have become affordable among many other public beneficial announcements.

His announcement of waiving off the fuel surcharge from the electricity bills has also been given to a large number of people in the state and the decision was hailed across sections.

Interestingly the BJP is not finding any counter to this. The absence of an effective local leadership is leading to dependence on the face of PM Modi but something is missing in the BJP ‘s  mission. Actually it is not a mission and whenever in the recent past, the party has tried to put ducks in a row it has always failed.

The party has no alternative to offer other than blaming Gehlot on a routine basis on social media but many people feel the party has lost the pulse of the voters.


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