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State Government has Reduced the Economic Burden of Education in Rajasthan


The Rajasthan Government is dedicated to working for the all-around development of education and the students. For this, multiple student-welfare schemes are being run in the state. These schemes have released the economical burden of education from many families. The state government is committed not only to educational development but also to the physical growth of the students. In the previous 4 years, several important schemes have been launched that are playing an important role in making Rajasthan a better place for students.

Mahatma Gandhi English Medium Schools

The state government’s important initiative to provide English education to students is in news. Mahatma Gandhi English Medium Schools are solving the purpose of providing English education to students. More than 1700 schools have been opened so far and the series is going on. That has changed the framework of the government education system. It will also solve the problem of parents who can’t afford to put their children in expensive English medium schools.

Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship for Academic Excellence

Most of the genius students couldn’t go for foreign education because of economical problems. The state government has solved it and launched a scheme that takes people abroad for education at multiple universities. Now 500 students will be taken abroad for higher studies on state government expenses through this scheme. It is a great initiative to complete students’ dreams.

Mukhyamantri Nishulk Uniform Scheme

In this scheme, the state government is providing two free sets of uniforms to kids of 1 to 8 classes of government schools. This will release the economical burden from their parents and they would allow them to go to school without any problem. Also, Mukhyamantri Bal Gopal Yojna will allow them to get milk twice a week. This will provide them with proper nutrients. Some parents are not financially strong enough to provide milk to their children and this scheme will help them a lot.

Mukhyamantri Anuprati Coaching Yojana

This scheme by the state government is providing free coaching facilities for competitive exams. Those who can’t afford the heavy fees of coaching classes can get it free through this scheme. Recently Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot announced to increase the student limit in this scheme from 15 thousand to 30 thousand. This will surely cover a wide range of students from different areas.

The state government is leaving no stone unturned to benefit the citizens of Rajasthan and reduce their economic burden. Education is available for everyone easily. Also, this sector is doing all-round development of students through various programs. The state government is committed to delivering quality education to students at low or minimum cost.

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