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Is BJP losing nerve in Rajasthan ?


After failing to know the pulse of the people in Rajasthan, has the BJP list the nerve ? The constant visits of senior leaders of the party including PM Modi give an impression that the BJP is relying solely on the face & charisma of the PM and has not much to offer to the people.

While the PM & the BJP speak about the progress in last 9 years they have chosen to remain silent on tomatoes getting off the shelf or the incessant rise in gas cylinder prices making cost of living high for the ordinary people for whom prize rise is like an whip on the back. Meanwhile PM Modi once more makes a visit to Rajasthan. This time he is in Bikaner. This shows the desperation of the party which lost the state to the Congress in 2018 assembly elections.

CM Gehlot understands the feelings & situation of the people & has given benefits from his various welfare schemes. His 10 guarantees have been a hit among people and they are coming in large number to get themselves in the inflation relief camps across the state. 

Through his out of the box schemes he wants to change the ‘ riwaz’ in the state which makes the change in the government in every assembly elections. Gehlot believes that through his welfare schemes and good governance, his government will break the tradition and will return to power this 2023.


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