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On a sticky wicket: BJP still undecided about their captain may lose match against a united Congress


Whether the BJP is ignoring one of its most popular leaders Vasundhara Raje or not, the buzz surrounding this topic is enough to spoil the chances of the party in the upcoming elections. Contrary to this , the inclusion of Sachin Pilot in CWC has strengthened the belief that the congress party is displaying a united face.

Raje’s absence from two different election related committees and the party’s move to not to project anyone means that the BJP is a divided house where each leader is trying to cement his or her position assuming that party will come to power.  But they clearly forget that the people do not believe in traditions and may put the congress back to power if they are satisfied with the performance of the government.

Currently congress appears to be on a comfortable wicket while the BJP thanks to its integral struggle is on a sticky wicket.

Moreover, CM Gehlot is leaving nothing to chance and is fighting this battle leaving no stone unturned. His social welfare schemes are a hit among the people and have been appreciated by the masses.

BJP’s whole strategy is based on the working of the central leadership but people want to know about the role of Raje before making up their mind.


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