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On Independence Day, CM to give freedom from hunger, will launch Annapurna Food Packet Scheme


Adding one more feather to his cap, CM Ashok Gehlot is expected to launch Annapurna Food Packet Scheme from tomorrow- Independence day.

This would be one more scheme of providing relief to the poor and vulnerable sections by giving them free food packets.

Gehlot as we all know as an inextricable relation with the social security schemes and no other CM in the country has conceived and launched so many schemes for the poor people like Gehlot & now he is going a step further and is expected to launch this scheme from Tuesday. Gehlot will lunch this scheme from Jaipur on the auspicious occasion of Independence day of the nation.

While the BJP’s politics revolves around the agenda of religions and is considered a one trick pony, Gehlot’s focus has always been on providing social security.  During his previous tenure he started free medicine scheme whose ambit has only increased since then.

 In this tenure , he launched Chiranjeevi health insurance scheme and amidst the covid pandemic this scheme proved to be a boon. No other state in the country offers cashless treatment of Rs 25 lakh which this scheme offers.

With an aim to provide employment in urban areas, Gehlot launched Indira Gandhi Urban Employment Guarantee scheme which has been appreciated by the economists too while Rajastan is the only state to pass a law to guarantee minimum income.


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