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Sidelining Raje ? Will Raj see clash of CM Gehlot & PM Modi ?


It is now becoming  clear that the ensuing assembly elections in Rajasthan will see the clash of the titans- CM Ashok Gehlot and PM Narendra Modi.

While many political discussions and talks in the political circles give this impression which became clearer on Thursday when the BJP announced formation of two election related committees and the name of two time CM Vasundhara Raje was conspicuously missing in them.

The party on Thursday announced the election management committee  &  election manifesto committee and Raje’s name has been missing in both these important committees which is giving the impression that she has been sidelined in the party which means that party may fight the elections on the face of PM Modi.

What is the political future of Raje is the question which everyone is asking and the BJP leaders are trying to give a clear answer to that.  With her name not figuring in these two important committees   her future in Rajasthan politics appears obscure & suspenseful.

If it is going to be a Gehlot Modi clash then it will be interesting to see how both the parties plan their campaign. Modi & Gehlot both are full time politicians and thrive on election strategy making. Gehlot’s social security schemes are his USP and make him an icon across the country. Thanks to his various innovative social security schemes, he has emerged as a national leader who is usually seen attacking the policies of PM Modi.

While on a personal level Modi respects Gehlot and has also called him a senior Chief Minister during a public meeting, he does not shy aways from attacking Gehlot and the congress party in his public meetings. It will be interesting to see who has the last laugh.


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