Home Politics To buck the trend Cong must bet on fresh faces

To buck the trend Cong must bet on fresh faces


Congress is getting ready to buck the trend of the change in the government with every election in Rajasthan riding on the various welfare schemes of CM Gehlot . If it fields fresh faces on the seats it has been losing since last many times, there are possibilities that it might win them. It has been learnt that the party is brainstorming on the ways and means to win these seats and many political observers feel that if the INC takes a bold step of fielding new faces instead of those established leaders who are now not capable of getting votes then the congress party can get a prefect recipe of success . This time the Congress may release the first list in September and if it actually does that it will give the candidates more time to reach out to the voters.  Seats like Bhilwara , Asind , Malviya Nagar, Jhalrapatan to name a few are among those  seats where the party has been defeated successively.  There are many fresh faces who are already making waves in these areas and people have shown interest in them. They are reaching out to the people, hearing their grievances which are being liked by the voters. Congress must start experimenting now. The BJP is known to cut tickets of established leaders and of giving youth a  fair chance. It is probably because of this reason it has mostly remained ahead of its competitors on a broad national basis. 


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