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Too many CM candidates may spoil BJP’s chances


BJP’s strategy of fighting the upcoming assembly on PM Modi’s face may backfire & might not give the desired results as this is raising a question mark on the capability & winnability of its local leaders. On Thursday, CM Gehlot also took a jibe & said that BJP’s local leaders are not capable of winning the state for the party and thus it plans to contest the upcoming assembly elections projecting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s face. Many political experts feel that the CM raised a valid point as this surely gives an impression that the party either doesn’t finds anyone capable enough or is humming and hawing about its Chief Ministerial candidate and is thus hesitating in putting up a face other than Modi.

Former CM Raje conspicuous absence from the Jaipur demonstration has only added fuel to the fire that the BJP is not clear about who will be its face in the assembly elections.

Experts opine that the party should understand that it is necessary to declare a face as these are the assembly elections and not the general elections.

Congress meanwhile is sorted and after a lot of ups n downs it is now crustal clear that CM Gehlot is the natural choice under whose leadership Congress will go to the polls.


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