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Battered BJP must pull up its socks


CM Ashok Gehlot’s political prowess is making the BJP speechless and its measures to counter him totally futile. The party is heavily dependent on PM Modi’s visits to the state and CM Gehlot has said that this is not going to help.

Recently speaking to media he said that Prime Minister Modi has visited Rajasthan six times in the last few months but “this is not going to help”. “Whether you come to Rajasthan 15-20 times or do up-down, people have made up their mind to repeat the government,” the chief minister said speaking to media recently.

This looks true also because the people are aware that this not the  LS election in which they will vote or their MPs which in turn would decide who would be the PM of the country but these are assembly elections .

The BJP  is still not clear on who will be it CM face even after so many months and there seems to be ambiguity on this. CM Gehlot meanwhile is walking confidently and is strengthening the prospects of his party by making sure that the benefits of his public welfare schemes are reaching into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries.

BJP is active on social media but that is not touching the heart of the people. It needs to pull up its socks before it gets too late.


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