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CM Gehlot determined to change ‘Riwaz’; his pro poor image to help in strengthening Raj


The infighting of the BJP in Rajasthan is no more a secret. What is interesting is that while the infighting among the congress leaders is publicized and talked about in the media, the factionalism in the BJP is seldom discussed. For instance, it has now been several days that the party has not been able to appoint a leader of opposition in the house after senior leader Gulabchand Kataria was appointed as Governor of Assam. Had this been the case with the Congress , how this would have been treated by the media is not a question of GK. Moreover the welfare politics of the CM wherein he has focused on providing relief to the people from the skyrocketing prices has given a boost to his image. Already people are getting free medical treatment and the announcement of free electricity upto certain units, gas cylinder at Rs 500 for Ujjwala beneficiaries has made BJP rethink on this strategy. People remember how BJP used to attack the UPA government over the price rise but the way prices have increased have led the common man to hit the roof . so  basically it’s a contest between pro-poor Gehlot & BJP which is marred by infighting.  While Gehlot has a plan to govern, BJP is just hoping for the trend of change in government in the state every 5 years. But this time Gehlot is determined to change the riwaz.

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