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Confused BJP no match for Confident Gehlot


The possibilities and ground realities are very clear in Rajasthan. While CM Ashok Gehlot appears to be having a steady hand on the tiller and is busy strengthening the party through his welfare schemes for the upcoming assembly elections the BJP is busy in trying to put its house in order.

The confidence level of CM Gehlot is so much that on Tuesday he took suggestions and ideas for his ambitious mission 2030.

Speaking on the occasion lauding Rajasthan’s progress in all sectors, including health and education he said that every resident should focus on making it the country’s leading state by 2030.

Speaking at a programme to launch “Rajasthan-Mission 2030” at the Birla auditorium here, the chief minister said the ‘Mission 2030’ should be on everyone’s agenda.

But this is not the situation with the BJP. Forget 2030, BJP looks confused and desolated in 2023 itself. They do not have an undisputed leader who can give them direction, show them the way can lead them and every now and then they have to look towards Delhi for instructions.

On the lines of too many cooks spoiling the broth, BJPs several CM faces are actually making the party look weak against a strong leader Gehlot.

So one hand Gehlot is confidently speaking about ERCP coming back to power in 2023, bucking the trend, BJP is busy trying to douse the in house fire.


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