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Modi takes a leaf out of Gehlot’s book


At a time when the BJP leaders, including Union ministers are praising the Modi  government’s decision to slash cooking gas price by Rs 200 per cylinder, saying it is a gift from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to women on Onam and Raksha Bandhan, general public in Rajasthan is saying that PM Modi has taken a leaf from the book of CM Gehlot.

The Modi government on Tuesday had announced a Rs 200 per cylinder cut in prices of domestic cooking gas. Currently, a 14.2-kg LPG cylinder costs above Rs 1000  more than double the rate it came for in May 2020.

Realizing the trouble of needy and poor people, CM Gehlot had introduced indira gandhi gas cylinder subsidy yojana and started giving gas cylinders to needy people at Rs 500.  The scheme is a game changer in Rajasthan and rendered BJP without any suitable response.

It is interesting to note that the leaders who were reluctant to praise the scheme of Gehlot and remained speechless are now singing praises of the BJP government for giving a meager reduction of Rs 200 but this is politics actually and selective praise is given by the leaders.

It also exposes that the BJP is a one trick pony and has no other agenda. While the people are struggling with inflation the party is busy making whirlwind tours to election related states while the Congress is giving an alternative model of governance to the people.


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