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Rajasthan to see Gehlot vs Modi battle


With just a few months left for Rajasthan Assembly elections, media reports claim that Pm Modi will be handling the election related matters of the state which means it will be a Modi vs Gehlot bout and this won’t be an easy bout as one hand there is Gehlot magic while on the other hand is the aggressive campaign style of PM Modi which is already evident from his recent political meetings in the state in which he has attacked the congress party on local issues. PM Modi should be credited that he keeps abreast of all the ongoing issues of local politics. Like he made a jibe about a minister leaving bungalow during his Bikaner public meeting .His appeal through social media related to the BJP’s demonstration on Tuesday is also one such example of his aggressive style of campaigning and shows that he is getting ready for the battle of Rajasthan. But on the other side is CM Ashok Gehlot who is a master of several such electoral battles & is a match of Modi when it comes to making election strategies. While Gehlot will be banking on his public welfare schemes, Modi would no doubt aggressively market the achievements of his government at the centre & would attack the congress party over national issues. Though the inactiveness & dawdling of the local BJP unit is a big shortcoming which might make things difficult for the BJP.


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