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The game is on between Cong’s ‘ humane face’ & BJP’s ‘ Modi face’


The Congress party is riding high on the public welfare schemes of CM Gehlot and hopes to return to power on this basis . CM Gehlot in the last 5 years announced various policies and took several steps including giving relief from high inflation prevailing in the country. Now after the election dates have been announced both the parties will now start issuing the list of the candidates but the question remains what will they do if they are elected to power. Congress surely has the answers as they have loads of work to show behind them  including schemes like Chiranjeevi, giving minimum income guarantee, focus on social security schemes,  incentive scheme for the milk producers etc to name a few but the BJP is trying hard to dodge the question about its face in the election and is projecting PM Modi as the face. Most of the time, they do not speak about the tenure of the previous BJP government headed by Vasundhara Raje  and only keep talking about the Modi government . This might not work in Rajasthan as the memory of the BJP govt led by Raje is still fresh in the minds of the voters and it looks very artificial on the part of the BJP just to speak about Modi and not even a word on the previous Raje government. 


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